How To Win With Betway on Lucky Numbers, Casino and Soccer Betting

How to win with Betway depends on which games you like to play and your betting budget. Betway is one of the top online destinations for Legal Sports Betting in South Africa. But on this world-leading betting site you can also place wagers on Lucky Numbers, Betgames and Live Casino Games.

There are literally thousands of betting options available at Betway across a variety of sports and casino games which range from low to high risk. You can spend as little or as much as you like—all you’ll need to decide is the amount you want to win. 

We take a deep dive into how to win with Betway by playing Lucky Numbers, betting on soccer matches such as the EPL as well as popular lottery and casino games like Betgames and Live Games. If you’d like to know more about Betway then have a read through our comprehensive Betway South Africa Review.

How To Win Betway Lucky Numbers

Lucky Numbers betting is similar to playing the national lottery except you get to choose how much you want to win and your payout is never shared with other winners. Betway Lucky Numbers includes more than 160 international draws. With draws every hour of the day and betting options galore, there are so many ways for players to win Betway Lucky Numbers!

Here are the necessary steps for how to win Betway Lucky Numbers:

  • Go to the Lucky Numbers page on the Betway site where the next 5 Upcoming draws will be displayed. 
  • Select the ‘Most Played’ or ‘Favourite’ buttons to see more options for international lottery draws. 
  • Click Bet Now to see the betting markets for any lottery.
  • Browse through the categories to find your bet type.
  • Click the odds to start betting on your chosen market.
  • Select your numbers and click Add to include them on your betslip.
  • Enter your stake and click Submit to place your bet.
  • To view your bets, login to Betway and click My Account to see a summary of all your betting transactions showing the date, description, stake, odds and bet settlement status.

This video shows you how to play Lucky Numbers on Betway.

Strategies to help you choose winning Lucky Numbers:

To help you decide which numbers to choose, there are a few different strategies you can use. The most popular method is to choose your Lucky Numbers randomly—just trust your gut and choose the first numbers that pop into your head.

Another strategy you can try is to always pick the same numbers, which not only makes them easier to remember but also means you’ll never miss them again! Lastly, use our Lucky Numbers Dream Guide to try control your destiny and convert your latest dreams into numbers.

How To Win Betway Casino and Live Games

The Betway Casino offers fixed-odds betting on popular table games by Betgames.TV like Poker and Baccarat. Other live games available on the site include Roulette, Blackjack and Game Shows with attractive live dealers and presenters.

All Betway Casino games are live-streamed 24/7 which means it’s never a bad time to bet. In-studio cameras allow you to see every dice roll, wheel spin and deal of the cards as if you were playing in a real-life casino. What’s more, you can even chat and interact with your host!

Here are the necessary steps for how to win Betway Casino: 

To start winning in the Betway Casino using your desktop or mobile, all you’ll need is a stable internet connection, a Betway account and at least R1 to place a bet. Just log in for unlimited access to the Betway Casino where you can play Betgames such as Wheel, Lucky 7 and Dice Duel plus another 24 Evolution Live Games which include live-hosted game shows like Monopoly and Deal Or No Deal. This guide shows you how to play Betgames and Live Games on Betway.

How to get started with Betway Betgames

  • Log in to Betway.
  • Make a deposit into your account if necessary.
  • Select Betgames.
  • Select a game and bet type/category.
  • Choose the outcome that you want.
  • Enter your desired stake in the bet slip where it says Amount.
  • Press the Place Bet button.
  • A message Bet Successful will appear once your bet is placed. 

Check out these videos for more on how to win Betgames in the Betway Casino:

How to get started with Betway Live Games

  • Log in to Betway.
  • Make a deposit into your account if necessary.
  • Select Live Games.
  • Select your preferred category and games.
  • To split the screen and add another table, use the Add Table button on the right side of your screen.
  • Place your bets and enjoy the live action!
  • To switch games on desktop, press the X in the top left side of your screen and toggle between games. For mobile users, click the stack menu, select Lobby and choose which game you’d like to switch to.

Check out these videos for more on how to win Live Games in the Betway Casino:

How To Win Betway Soccer Bets

Soccer is one of the most popular games for online sports betting in South Africa. With hundreds of soccer betting markets available at Betway in divisions like the EPL, Bundesliga and Serie A—it’s helpful to know which types of bets can help you win money more often.

Most beginners choose to bet on the Match Winner (1×2) market but that’s not always the safest choice for how to win Betway soccer. By betting on low-risk markets with shorter odds, your payouts are smaller but you also increase your chances of winning.

These alternative betting markets can help you win more soccer bets with Betway:

Draw No Bet: If the match is a draw, your stake is refunded and you won’t lose any money. Now you can use it to place another bet!

Double Chance: Your selected team only needs to draw the match for a full payout. If they win, you get paid too!  

European Handicap (+): Your selected team begins the match with a head start. Even if your team doesn’t win the match, your bet wins as long as they cover the goal handicap.

Team Totals: Bet on a team’s goal tally without worrying about the final score. Your selected team only has to score a certain number of goals to win no matter how many goals their opponents score.

Betting In-Play: Live betting on soccer matches also helps to eliminate some risk and uncertainty. Placing bets based on what you can see happening on the field can increase your chances of winning more soccer bets.

Still don’t have a Betway account? You’re seriously missing out… just for starters, you’ll get a R25 Sign Up Bet when you join today! Plus, stick around for money-back specials, bet boosts and more bonuses whether you like to bet on Sports, Casino or Lucky Numbers

What are your favourite Betway games and what advice can you give us on how to win? Share your secrets in the comments below!

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