How to win Betgames

Are you not sure how to win Betgames or are looking for some Betgames strategies? Well you’ve come to the right place! We’ve had a very successful run on Betgames over the last few months and we are going to share our best tips and strategies so that you too can start making money on Betgames. We’re not giving any guaranteed tips, just some strategies for you to think about and perhaps employ in your own Betgames bets.

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Some Tips to help you win at Betgames

The tips and strategies mentioned below are not guaranteed wins and are only there to assist players with methods to potentially beat the game. There are many other factors you’ll need to take into account before placing your bets on Betgames, and we believe there is some value in looking into some of the methods listed below, especially if you can tweak the strategy to suit your play style.

Picking the right game

Not all Betgames are created equal, and we’ve found that we have a much higher winning percentage on certain Betgames than on others. The most profitable Betgames for us are Betgames Lucky 6 and Betgames Lucky 7. Both of which we’ll discuss separately below.

Choosing the right bookmaker

Choosing the right bookmaker to play Betgames with can make all the difference. Currently our favourite bookmaker to bet with is Betway.

Betway and Hollywoodbets offer Dice, Poker, Baccarat, Lucky 5, 6, 7 and Wheel of Fortune. Check out our guide to Betway Betgames. Otherwise have a look at our list of where to bet Betgames.

Betgames Tips and Strategies

Betgames Lucky 6 Tips

Most of the markets are similar across the different Betgames, however Lucky 6 has something that the others don’t. The A, B and C zones. We’ve had great success hitting the zones betting by taking the following :

Zone A : Total Sum of balls in zone A under 9.5. The odds should be around 7/10 which aren’t the highest but we love this bet and it comes in more often than not. Remember there are only a few bookmakers that offer Betgames lucky 6. We use Betway for our Lucky 6 bets as they have all the Betgames on offer. You can sign up for an account here.

Betgames Lucky 7

Lucky 7 can be harder to win than Lucky 6, it took us many tries and loses to find out what works for us. We started by betting on totals but that became a pure guessing game, then we moved onto betting on odd even.

Finally we settled on a bet that we win more times that not. Over / Under ball colours.

In order for you to bet this strategy you need to look at the last few draws on the game. Trends seems to be very consistent going from one colour being high in a draw to the opposite colour being high in the next draw.

So if there have been 5 black balls drawn in the last draw we will be that there will be less than 3.5 Black balls drawn in the next draw. Remember you need to watch the draw and studying it to make sure this is currently happening.

We played 20 draws using this strategy and managed to win 13 of them. Giving us a slight profit overall. Play Lucky 7 now.

There are various other Lucky 7 strategies and tips that punters are using to try and beat the game, we tested another popular strategy on the video below.

How to win Betgames Wheel of Fortune

We’re currently working on our Betgames wheel of fortune strategy. We’ll post it once we’ve tested it. If you don’t know what Betgames wheel of fortune is then click here to play and find out more.

A popular Wheel of Fortune strategy that punters are employing is to back 2 or the 3 sections of the wheel, similar to a roulette law of thirds strategy. To bet this strategy you’ll be backing a combination of the wheel clapper to stop on 1-6, 7-12 or 13-18.

For example you bet on the clapper to stop on 1-6 and 13-18, you are covering 66% of possible outcomes and placing a R100 bet on each would return R290, R90 in profit, if the wheel stops in your selected zone. Combinations like 1-6 & 7-12 or 7-12 & 13-18 can be played depending on what the player decides.

The down side of this strategy is that should the clapper stop outside of your selections you’ll lose 2 bets instead of one. So it’s really up to you to decide if the Lucky Wheel thirds betting strategy is worth the risk.

How to win Betgames Lucky 5

We’re not the biggest fans of the lucky 5 draw but when we do play we almost always play under 1.5 white balls. It pays very low odds, around 1/2 which is why we don’t play it often but if you look at the overall results you should come out slightly ahead using this strategy. However as always no win is guaranteed in gambling. Also, we don’t play it that often so keep that in mind! Try Lucky 5.

Betgames Dice Duel Tips

Betgames Dice has arrived! We’ll be posting more about it here shortly, in the mean time you can read all about the new dice game here as well as on betgamesonline. If you’d like to try it out right now then click here to head over to Betway or Hollywoodbets, the best sportsbooks that are offering Dice at the moment.

Betgames Poker Tips

Betgames poker has to be one of our favorites. We’ve had some success with winning on the poker draw by backing strong cards that aren’t matched at the beginning. If you see a low match after the first round then you should look for high value cards and back those instead. But seriously, there are so many different poker strategies you could try with this game. We’ll be posting more about this soon.

War of Bets tips on how to win

War of bets is one of the fastest Betgames with some very good odds for players. There are 2 rounds of betting. The first round lets you bet on either yourself, the deal or a draw, before any cards are drawn. The second round takes place once the player has been dealt a card but before the dealer has their card dealt.

What we find to be a good strategy to considtatnly win at War of Bets is to wait until you are dealt a 9 or higher. The odds aren’t the best but you’ll get 1.5 – 1.65 in this range. The only way your bet is beaten is by a 10, Jack, Queen, King or Ace. If you’d like to more cautious then only bet on yourself when you have a 10 or higher.

Betgames Guide Conclusion

We hope you’ve enjoyed our how to win Betgames guide, remember this is all based on our experience and yours might be slighty different. We don’t guarantee any winnings from the above as it’s called Betgames Lucky numbers for a reason. If you have a strategy that’s help you beat Betgames let us know in the comments below. Otherwise check out other Betgames strategies that we’ve come across,  please see other Betgames Betting sites for more details.


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