Hollywoodbets Cash Out

Hollywoodbets have heard the call from punters to introduce an cash out product. The good news is that they’ve heard the calls and announced that they are working on cash out, which was launched late March 2020. Now that cash out is available at Hollywoodbets you’re probably wondering how cash out works and how to actually use cash out at Hollywoodbets? You’re in luck, we are going to be running through how everything works below.

What is Cash Out?

We’ve explained how cash out works in this post, which explains how cash out works and how punters can take advantage. Basically it lets you settle your bets before the end of the match, which is perfect if you are worried about a late goal or try upsetting your bet.

How to Cash Out at Hollywoodbets

Seeing as how the cash out feature is new to Hollywoodbets there have been many punters who have asked how to cash out at Hollywoodbets. You can only use the cash out function online on multiple bets, and the first leg of your bet needs to be resulted before you can cash out. You’ll also need to use cash out before any of the other legs in your bet have started as you won’t be able to cash out on any in-play bets, at least for now.

The cash out icon will appear in your recent bets or Bet history and a predetermined settlement value will be offered based on the remaining selections and odds. There are few terms and conditions around cash out that can be viewed on Hollywoodbets.

How to cash out your bets

The actual cash out process at Hollywoodbets is fairly simple. Once you’ve placed your cash out qualifying bets and one leg of the bet has resulted you can follow the steps below to cash out your bet.

  1. Go to your pending bets in the Hollywoodbets account section on mobile
  2. Search for the bet that you would like to cash out

  3. Open the selection and click on cash out

  4. Confirm the cash out and receive your cash out funds
  5. Its that simple!

The road to Cash Out

Hollywoodbets are no slouches when it comes to understanding what punters want, and with the added pressure from Betway and Supabets launching their own cash out products we anticipate that Hollywood are currently working on their own cash out.

While we’ve had no official word on this we can look at the space that Hollywooodbets operates in and it’s competition. At the moment Hollywood’s biggest rivals are Betway and Supabets, both of which offer cash out and other features that Hollywood do not offer. This is causing an exodus of punters from Hollywood to these bookmakers and it’s surely something they’d have noticed.

We expect Hollywoodbets to have their mobile only cash out ready for launch within the next 3 – 6 months, hopefully being fully integrated by the middle of 2020. Should they fail to get their cash out by the end of the year then the addition of cash out might come too late to pull back some of their punters from Betway and Supabets.

Something that might be of interest to punters is that Hollywoodbets are already offering cash out on their overseas based sports book (Ireland), so it is a possibility that they will roll out the same cash out in South Africa.

Other bookmakers that offer Cash Out

We hope you enjoyed our Hollywoodbets Cash Out article, are you currently using cash out on another bookmaker? Let us know in the comments below.

Kindly note this article is the opinion of the author.

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