Daily Million Irish Lotto Guide

The popular Daily Million is Ireland’s 6/39 lottery draw game that is much loved by punters in South Africa and around the World. The Irish Daily Millions draw takes place four times a day, every day from Monday to Sunday and there are four different draws to chose from including;

  • Irish Daily Millions Afternoon
  • Irish Daily Millions Afternoon Plus
  • Irish Daily Millions Evening
  • Irish Daily Millions Evening Plus

It’s fast becoming a good alternative to the traditional UK49’s due to it’s increasing popularity and frequent draws.. In this post we’ll be having a closer look at how the Irish lotto work as well as where to play your own Daily Millions selections in South Africa.

Playing Daily Millions

Playing the Irish Daily Millions is the same as playing any other lotto draw. You’ll need to make your selections for the available numbered balls, 1-39. There are 5 normal balls draws followed by 1 bonus ball. Here’s how the draw works;

  • There are 2 afternoon draws and 2 evening draws.
  • The ball set has 39 balls (1-39), of which 7 balls (6 balls and 1 bonus ball) are drawn.
  • The game is based on the one ball set format (the same as SA Lotto).
  • The Afternoon and Afternoon Plus draw close at 14h45.
  • The Evening and Evening Plus draws close at 21h00.

Correctly predicting the 6 numbers drawn could land you a life changing jackpot, but there are many different online betting markets for those looking to have a bet. Punters can bet on the following popular Daily Millions markets;

  • Selected Balls Betting – Chose 1-5 balls to be drawn
  • Selected Balls Betting including bonus ball – Chose 1-6 balls to be drawn
  • Total Sum of the draw
  • Odd or Even Bonus Ball
  • Various other Lucky Number betting options


  • The results for the afternoon draws are published at 15h30 the same day.
  • The results for the evening draws are published at 21h45 the same day

Those looking for the latest draw results can visit the Official Irish Lotto page for all the latest and past results. You can also check Lottery Extreme, who are very quick when it comes to posting the latest lotto results.

Where to play Daily Millions in South Africa

There are numerous bookmakers in South Africa that offer Lucky Numbers betting on all major lotteries around the world. There are two highly recommended betting sites that give you access to not only Daily Millions, but several other draws like Russian Gosloto and the popular UK49’s;


Betway offer the widest variety of betting markets on the Irish Daily Lotto and many other lotto’s. They offer some of the best odds and markets on Lucky Numbers in South Africa, and new users get a free R25 once registered.


Hollywoodbets have been offering the Irish Daily Millions for several years, both online and in their stores around the country. The odds on offer are solid and there are many other lotto’s to bet on. New Hollywoodbets users get a free R25 bonus once registered.

Play the Irish Daily Million Today

We hope you found our guide to the Daily Million useful and that you’re now better positioned to understand how the draw works and some of the betting options available. Remember to play responsibly and only bet with what you can afford!

Check out a few of our other you’d like to know more about Lucky Numbers betting, and if you’re new to betting you’ll want to have a read through our ultimate betting guide.

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