How to buy OTT Vouchers Online

OTT Vouchers are one of the most popular deposit methods for South African punters looking to top up their sports betting accounts. In the past customers would have to visit a participating OTT retailer to purchase a voucher but that has all changed with the launch of, a site that allows you to but OTT Vouchers online without having to visit a retail store! In this post we are going to explain how to buy OTT vouchers online using the new service, as well as how and where to use them.

How to buy OTT Online

Buying an OTT voucher online for yourself or for your friends is now easier than ever thanks to the new OTT online voucher site. Punters can now easily purchase vouchers from as little as R5, up to a maximum of R5000.

You’ll need to have an active bank account to process the purchase online, as the system uses OZOW, an online banking instant EFT service that is 100% safe and used at other bookmakers. In order to purchase a voucher online you’ll need to follow the steps listed below;

  • Firstly visit the OTT Online voucher site at, once on the site you’ll need to decide what amount you’d like in voucher form.

  • Select the amount using the predefined amounts, ranging from R5 – R5000 or you can enter the amount you’d like a voucher for. For example you can purchase a voucher for R32.

  • Once you’ve entered the amount and your cellphone number you’ll be transferred to OZOW banking page where you’ll need to select your bank and enter your banking details and proceed as instructed. The process is exactly the same as making an instant EFT at a bookmaker.

  • When all the requested details are entered and you’ve clicked submit you’ll need to wait until the payment is complete and you issued a voucher pin and voucher serial number. These are the details you’ll need to use to redeem your OTT voucher so take a screenshot or write the pin and serial down for later use,

  • That’s it! It’s really that easy to buy a voucher online and we hope that we’ll soon be able to purchase other vouchers, like 1Voucher, in a similar fashion. You’ll also get an SMS from OTT with the voucher pin that you can then share with some you’d like to give a voucher to. The SMS can take a little long to come through, which is why it’s important to write the pin down just in case. You’ll be able to use the PIN even if you have not received an SMS.

Where to use OTT vouchers?

There are numerous bookmakers in South Africa that accept OTT vouchers as payment. Most of the popular South African bookies offer it as a deposit option and you’ll also be able to claim offered deposit match bonus when using OTT.

How to use an OTT Voucher

You’ve just received a new OTT voucher but are unsure how to use it online. Don’t stress the process is very simple and you’ll have those funds in your account in no time. Here’s how to top up using OTT;

  • Login to your online betting account and go to deposit
  • Select Voucher or OTT as your deposit method
  • Enter your voucher pin and click submit
  • Your online account will be topped up with the value of the voucher

Struggling with your OTT voucher?

If you are having any trouble purchasing or depositing using your OTT voucher then you’ll want to get in touch with the OTT voucher support. You can contact them via phone or Whatsapp on 084 325 5632 and they should be able to assist with any issues you are having with your voucher. If you were not able to find a solution then let us know in the comments below and we’ll do our best to assist.

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Lerato Ranaga
1 month ago

Hello I bought OTT voucher but I haven’t recieved the voucher number.

Paul Karam
12 days ago
Reply to  Lerato Ranaga

Yes same problem payment accepted and reflects on bank acc yet WSB cant assist in redeeming the OTT voucher and… Read more »

1 month ago

Hi I’m unable to purchase my OTT voucher online it says token password than I can submit which one is… Read more »

1 month ago

Hi can u plz help my voucher is bit faded can’t see all the numbers