Betting Babes Carmyn

Our Betting Babes Carmyn post is brought to you by LM Bookmaker, where you can get the best odds on all your Soccer, Rugby and Horse Racing bets! If you’d like to know more about LM Bookmaker then check out our review.

With spring out in full force and summer just around the corner, we thought it was the perfect time to introduce our Betting Babes beach honey, Carmyn. Enjoy and remember to check in weekly for more images.

Betting Babes Carmyn


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Images shot by Slade Creative, to view more Betting Babes Click Here.

About LM Bookmakers

Lance is the Founder of LM Bookmakers (Pty) Ltd. He is one of the most highly respected and revered Bookmakers in South Africa offering comprehensive, specialized Global Horse Racing and Sports Betting. Lance is a successful entrepreneur with vision, wisdom, business foresight and uncompromising integrity. His success is due to his ability to instil his personal beliefs within the culture of the company. He believes in respect and the value of people.
Lance Michael has been a licensed Bookmaker for nearly 25 years and currently owns 5 bookmaker licenses in Gauteng, 2 in Kwazulu Natal, 3 in the Eastern Cape incorporating betting and slot machines. The company has a call Centre and online betting operation:
The business provides fixed odds betting on sporting events and professional local and international horse racing providing the public with the most competitive possible prices available in Southern Africa.
In recent years the emphasis on betting has switched from horse racing to sports betting and numbers i.e. lotto. With the result Lance Michael is now opening betting shops geared more towards betting on lotto and sports. These outlets attract a vast number of smaller players. Lance has patented the name “Soccer Shop” for these types of operations and the business is expanding into all areas of South Africa.
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