Betting Babes Nikki

The stunning Nikki enjoying the sun in our latest Betting Babes feature. Don’t forget to check out the other lovely ladies in our Betting Babes section, enjoy!

Betting Babes, Featuring the lovely Nikki


Thanks to Megawolf photography for the stunning images.

A quick word from the photographer

I use photography to observe the complexities of humans from thoughts and dreams and female introspection. My images rely on a rigidity between an apparently approachable subject matter and sometimes in a darker context. I have been part of exhibitions in Bellville, Western Cape where I work.

My preferred work is to shoot a series of images in order to walk in someone else’s footsteps. I appreciate multiple exposures and light painting. I thrive on capturing beauty in females. I aim to manipulate the medium to communicate narratives. I have a frame-by-frame mind-set and I’m not a 2000 photos per shoot type of photographer.
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