Betting Babes Sam

It’s the last month of winter but that hasn’t stopped our Betting Babes honey, Sam, from hopping into the pool for your enjoyment! We hope you enjoy her, erm, bravery! Proudly brought to you by the lads over at Mobibets, so a big thanks to them for making our Betting Babes Sam post possible.

Guys go check out Mobibets, they’ve got a fantastic 100% match offer up to R2000 for new customers. Enjoy!

Betting Babes Sam

Sam Monneray betting Babes

Betting Babes Sheer

betting babes water pistol sexy

betting babes images south africa

Betting Babes wet tshirt

Betting Babes See Through Tshirt Wet

sexy babes sports betting




Remember to keep checking in weekly for more Betting Babes Sam images, as the month progresses her clothing, well, regresses! Thank you to Jason Children Photography for the awesome images. Go check out his site for more of his great work, and see you next week!


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3 years ago

More please! That bum :love:

3 years ago

My goodness!!!!!!!!! HOOTTTT! I wan’t her address and number.. haaa :-))

2 years ago

I had no idea Samantha did stuff like this? Some people can surprise you.

3 years ago

Room for two in that pool? I’ll bring my own water gun!