Aviator Game Review

Aviator is the coolest game to play right now. Though often classified and categorized under online slots at most gambling establishments, this game deviates very much from standard slot machines. The aim of the aviator game is to keep your new and cash out before the plane flies off.

Just to put this into perspective, this game offers such cool features as player interaction through live chatting, live statistics and a whole new gameplay embedded with elements of competition. The game is powered by Spribe, one of the fastest rising software developers in the online gambling industry. In this review we are going to take a closer look at the Aviator game, as well as how to play.

Overview of Aviator and How to Start Playing 

Most online casinos that offer the Aviator game such as Hollywoodbets, LottoStar and Betway classify the game as an online slot. However, the game differs from standard slot machines as it does not come with any reels, symbols or paylines. Rather, the game is built on the curve crash mechanic. The game action takes place in an environment we can equate to an airport.

The game starts with an airplane about to take off. When the plane takes off, it flies up at an increasing coefficient which starts at 1x. the higher the plane flies, the higher the coefficient increases. The coefficient can increase to infinity meaning the winning potential when playing Aviator game is simply massive as the max win is capped at a whopping R2 million depending on the betting site used!

When playing the game, the first thing that players need to do is to place the bet. We will talk about the bet options supported a bit later. Once a bet has been placed, the next step is to cash out before the plane flies away. Herein lies the whole gaming challenge – knowing the right moment to cash out is the difference between winning and losing as well as the different between winning big or winning small. Players need to master the art of cashing out at precisely the perfect moment when the coefficient is at its highest but before the plane flies away.

Once players master this, then playing Aviator game will become a lucrative adventure! The whole premise of the Aviator game thus lies on this simple dilemma – cash out early and miss out the huge rewards or hold out for long for potential huge rewards while risking losing it all.

The Cash Out button is a huge button just below the playing grid area. The Cash Out button was purposely designed as a large button to ensure that players can conveniently hit it once they spot the coefficient they want to win. Loses when playing this game are incurred when the player holds out too long until the plane flies off.

Where to play the Aviator Game

The Aviator Game is available for South Africans to play on Hollywoodbets, Sportingbet and Lottostar. At the time of publishing no other legal South African betting sites offer the game.

Aviator Demo Mode

Those who want to try the Aviator game without risking any real money can play the Aviator demo on the Spribe site. You don’t need an account to access the Aviator free play on Spribe.

Aviator Betting Options 

Aviator is a game that accommodative to all players types. Whether one considers himself a low roller, a mid-range player or a high roller, Aviator suits the needs of everyone. This necessitated by the fact that this game supports a wide range of betting options.

Low rollers have the freedom of wagering with as low as just R1! High rollers can however go all-out and wager with the max bet set at R5,000. In-between the min and max bet options are some flexible betting options that suit the needs of mid-range players.    

Aviator Game Features 

  • Live Bets: When playing Aviator game, it’s possible for the player to check the bets that have been placed by other players. This info is displayed on the bar to the left of the playing grid area. As well as showing the bets placed, players will also see the coefficients and winnings of all those who win.
  • Live Statistics: At all times during gameplay, its possible for the player to check out statistics on players leading the leaderboard together with their biggest wins and multipliers scored in a day, month or year.
  • In-game Chat: There is a chat tool to the right side of the playing grid. This tool is handy for all players looking to make friends during their gaming sessions. The tool is also important as it helps enhance the immersion element of Aviator game as players are able to freely interact with each other. Its possible to exchange jokes using emojis and GIFs!
  • Aviarace Tournaments: Often, tournaments are organized for Aviator players. Players can join the tournaments, compete with other players and those who excel get to receive cash rewards, free bets among other special prizes.

Our Thoughts on the Aviator Game

Simply put, Aviator is one of the coolest games to play right now. Talking of game immersion, creativeness of the gameplay experience, the social element as well as the competitive element, Aviator simply has it all. The game though relatively new comes with simple gameplay rules and instructions thus making it appealing to all beginner players. To cap it all off, Aviator game comes with a 97% RTP meaning it’s one of the most lucrative games to play online.

  • Our Rating


The Aviator game is one of the best casino games over the last couple of years. The action is intense, and you stand the chance of picking up some great wins, and heartbreaking losses. The game is simple to play, and you’ll be cashing out big wins with a little patience in no time, if you can hold your nerve! The Aviator is available on Hollywoodbets, Sportingbet and Lottostar, and we can’t recommend it enough.

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